Born in 1992, Paula Reichert grew up as a child of a textile conservator. Being surrounded by fabrics had an enormous impact on her life: not only did she learn „the specifics and techniques of fabrics“ from an early age on, Paula Reichert also developed a keen interest in fabrics which continues to influence her work.

In August 2015, Paula Reichert graduated from Maastricht University of Fine Arts and design with a Bachelor of Fashion cum laude. Her graduation collection won the Chapeau Talent award 2015 and was exhibited at Lichting 2015 during the Amsterdam Fashion Week S/S 2016. It is not only her work, that is being put in the spotlight: Vogue Netherland featured an article about Paula Reichert, titled „The Future is bright“, in which she explained her passion for fashion and her motivation.

Since 2014 she has completed different internships in luxury brands like Celine, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. The work experience she gained, reinforced her decision to work in the high-end fashion industry.